SDconnect Toolkit Incorrect parameter fault (599) Solution

Here is the resolution of Mercedes MB Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 2016.05 Xentry SDconnect Toolkit incorrect parameter fault.

I have installed 05.2016 XDOS on Win7 32bit, everything were ok during installation and after, but when i tried to connect my sd connect via Lan i got message like on photo that parameters are incorrect. I have reinstalled XDOS again and got the same message, then i tried to install on 64-bit system and this time everything works. What could be the reason?
SDconnect Toolkit Incorrect parameter fault (599)
Customer solution:
Change your computer name with word A - Z , i think your computer name with Russian Word,
after change computer name, reboot PC..
All will be fine..

It worked. 2016.05 Xentry now runs no problem.
Thank you a lot!!!

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