MB SD C4 HTT-WIN failed to communicate solution

It is a long story...
I recently got a MB SD Connect C4 clone (a low quality one by its looks)
The multiplexer I got shipped with the following firmware:
OS: 2.2.2
CSD: 2.03
When I tried to use the mux on this firmware in 03.2014 XENTRY, I was not able to connect to the car and kept getting errors. So I watched webmaster's SD connect videos and renamed the 3 update folders in C:\Program Files\SDconnect Toolkit and it worked! XENTRY was working well.
The problem was when I was unable to get HHT-WIN to work. After reading around on forums, I saw this post (post #5)
- and realized that renaming the update folders may be the cause of HHTWIN not working.
A this point, I thought of using webmaster's method to update the mux and rename back the update folders to original name.
Before updating the mux, I wanted to rename back the update folders to original and open HHTWIN through DAS standalone and test if it works - (this is because I thought that only XENTRY would attempt to install updates to the mux (which might not be safe as using webmasters method to update is safest)
So I renamed back the update folders to original names and restarted the PC and mux. I opened HHTWin through DAS standalone and surprise surprise, it updated the mux after opening HHTWin:
The update happened even though I had not inserted any batteries in the SD connect! After the update, the mux rebooted and HHTWin was working perfect!

For sd connect c4 firmware update, i referred to:

This is the firmware the mux is on now:
I tested it with XENTRY without renaming the update folders and it works well - no more errors. So here i suggest you to but SD connect c4 from a reputable site like mbstartool.com, they sells sd c4 with OS: 2.3 and CSD: 2.11.2 of high quality, but for HHTWin, it must be with software before 2015.12 version or even earlier.
Now I seem to recall this may be how my HQ multiplexer got updated to latest firmware (by using HHTWin in 3.2014 XENTRY), although at that time I did not know about MB SD C4 firmware, so I may not have noticed.

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