MB SD C4 DAS "Key required" solution


One of the MB SD Connect compact 4 user has bought the MB SD C4 and Dell D630 laptop bundle package, when he run DAS software, the system reported an error

"Key required 
The security key for this program currently stored on your system doe snot appear to be valid for this version of the program. Select Yes to enter a new key, or No to revert to the default settings (if any)"

Error screenshot


MB SD C4 with Dell 630 laptop bundle comes with DAS/Xentry software pre-installed and activated. Mbstartool engieer will marked every machine we have activated. If your DAS has not been actviated, please connact our engieer via TeamViewer. But if you had changed another laptop, we can activate the DAS/Xentry for you as well. It is not free. 

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