How to use MB STAR diagnostic EPC.net software

Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnostic system (MB SD Connect C4, Super MB Star C3, mb star C3 multiplexer) comes with multi software programs, DAS, XENTRY, StarFinder, WIS, EPC, SDmedia etc.  Here we going to explain what is EPC.net program and and how to use PEC.

What is Mercedes Benz EPC software?

EPC.net is the abbreviation of Electronic Parts Catalog. EPC software provides details of all parts and components of all Mercedes Benz and Smart vehicles.

EPC supports you when determining your parts volume up to the adoption of the shopping lists in your commercial systems for preparing cost estimates and invoices. EPC contains the passenger car and commercial vehicle parts literature from about 1962 and vehicle data cards from approximately 1978.

How to use MB STAR diagnostic EPC.net software?

First you need to activate the Benz STAR EPC software follow the video instruction
Login EPC program with admin and password
Open EPC software and wait the EPC initializing

Select your vehicle type: Turck/Bus, Van, Car etc

Then select your vehicle model

Select detail vehicle model description:

Select your vehicle model specific parts, like engine, wheel, steering etc

You will be able to view the specific diagram of your vehicle parts on the right and view status/information on the left

All functions of EPC are clearly arranged together in a main window.
The main window is divided into the following areas:
• Menu bar
• Identification number input field/ Pull-down menu
• Pull-down menus
• Parts list
• List overview
• Shopping list
• Picture


Click zoom button to view zoom magnified picture:

Go back to select other vehicle models and parts to view the catalog.

Exit the MB STAR EPC software. 

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