Original MB Star C3 failed to diagnose Mercedes W212 2010 (fixed)

A Mercedes Benz W212 2010 with VIN 2120891A208054 owners had the problem when diagnose his model with original MB Star C3 scanner. So he consulted mbstartool.com technician.

He has got the original MB Star C3 (with original 2013.09V Star diagnosis DAS/Xentry SSD) multiplexer to diagnose and program his model. But the software pops up an error message "ZGW is not answer". He then contact obd365 technician if it is Ok to buy the latest 2015.12V DAS/Xentry for MB Star C3 to work on this model.

Sorry, for MB newer model, your W212 included, you should go for MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic system with newer software version. MB star C3, even original one is too old to diagnose these newer MB cars.

V2015.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Star Diagnosis 

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