How to update MB SD Connect 4 firmware to OS 2.3

The latest Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic system firmware version goes to OS2.3 CSD 2.8 with D-LINK WIFI Card. MB SD C4 multiplexer firmware can be updated. Here is the step-by-step instructions. 
mb sd connect c4 firmware version os 2.3
Operating system:
Dell D630 format HDD on Dell D630 PC
External HDD needs PC with CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 4GB memory or more.

How to update Star diagnosis MB SD Connect 4 MUX to OS2.3 CSD 2.8

1) Prepare 6 AA5 batteries, follow the document “How to install MB SD C4 rechargeable battery” to installed battery

Note: Please do use brand new batteries with sufficient electricity; otherwise, you will fail to update the firmware.

Then, select the green cable to connect to your laptop and MB SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic multiplexer, and use OBD cable to connect to MB SD C4 multiplexer and your vehicle. (If the vehicle cannot be connected, select OBD 12V power instead.)

2. Open the software "2012.09 DAS".
   Go to C:\ program files \ SDconnect Toolkit to check whether there are the three following files as the pic below shows.

If the files' names are different from the pic shows, please correct the names the same as the pic shows.
Update and install V2.30 MB SD Connect C4 MUX 

3. Restart your computer.

4. Start to update the firmware according to how to update MB SD connect 4 firmware.

How to install V2.30 Star diagnosis MB SD Connect Compact 4 ?

1. Pls install it on XP system and close anti-virus software

2. This tool need to set your computer's IP,you can see all installation
Update and install V2.30 MB SD Connect C4 MUX

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