How to activate MB SD Connect 4 diagnostic EPC and WIS

Here is the instruction on activating Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic EPC and WIS software by mbstarshop.

1) Open EWA.net software. Enter users mane: “admin” and password “12345” to login

Open EWA.net software

2) Click Administration>>Server, then select first option “Access authorization” marked box below.
Access authorization

3) Copy “Current MAC address (LAN-ID)”
Current MAC address

4) Open EPC-net KEYGEN on the desktop and run EWA-kg
run EWA-kg

5) Enter LAN-ID copied from 3) and other information, like expiration year, expiration month, expiration day etc. The date has no format limitation, for example 2020.01.01 or any other date
Enter LAN-ID

6) Paste the string of EPCnet in StartKey blank and string in WISnet in StartKey blank to EWA.net Access authorization.
Paste the string of EPCnet in StartKey

7) The system is complete accessing authorization. Click Save to save previous settings.
save settings

MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic multiplexer EPC and WIS software have been successfully activated.

If you buy full set MB SD C4 with Dell D630 laptop, we will activate xentry, EPC and WIS before we send the parcel to you.

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