DAS Smart Calculator Code Number incorrect (solved)

I want to code Smart 450 EDG with DAS SMART calculator. I’m using SD Connect C4 with DAS 2014.12V hard drive.
But it prompts me an error “The code number entered is incorrect.”
(Die elngegebena Codenummer ist falsch.)
What’s the problem? The Smart calculator does not work with my DAS version?
Solution by mbstartool engineer:
If you using DAS Smart Calculator with MB Star diagnosis software DAS 2013-up, please replace csdsmart.dllfile and copy it to F:\Programme\DAS\smart

Free download cdsmart.dll file

Note: Smart Calculator need to work with Star diagnostic software version pre-V2015. Otherwise, it will not calculate the right code.
DAS Calculator for Smart System functions:
1. Add keys (Key Teach-in),
2. Softtouch activation,
3. Cruise control activation (Tempomat),
4. Stearing wheel gearshift activation,
5. Change equipment of car.

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