Xentry StartKeyCenter Language Change Guide

Share my trick for changing StartKeyCenter SKC language on standard Windows XP running MB Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 Xentry 12.2015 by modifying SKC.properties file which worked for XDOS no problem.

Basic info:
StartKeyCenter is the software that can help get complete Licence information (Hardware ID, App ID, StartDay, ExpirationDay), then click “Generate” to get License String
Here goes to SKC language setup…

First, you need Multilingual User Interface Pack for your language.

Try going to E/Service/LangPrep and double click MUISetup.msi and remove the language you don’t want and only leave English.

I’m currently trying to figure this out but it more than likely has to do with the Multilanguage User Interface that’s set to English. You need the MUI pack to add other languages. If you can find it let me know because I need the English version.
The answer is:
Go to E:\Service\SKCstandaloneSD\StartKeyCenter\SKC.properties
Open with wordpad and change language to desired language

Hopefully, it helps.

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