MB Star Diagnosis SD Connect C4 1 Year Review

I purchased the SD Connect C4 unit and Dell laptop package in Nov of 2015. So far it's been used on the following vehicles.


2005 SLK350; Troubleshot the Vario Roof to a Roof Closed switch that was stuck in the closed position.
Used it on my wifes 08 ML320 CDI after an in-tank fuel pump failure and also to verify injector performance.
Used it on my Daughters 05 E320 CDI; basically got a baseline after purchasing the vehicle used.
1996 S320. Somewhat limited and not nearly as comprehensive as the later vehicles. Uses the 16 pin under hood adapter instead of the OBDII port. Vehicle belongs to a friend. Tester isolated a stalling and rough idle condition to a faulty MAF sensor.

Recently purchased an 04 W211 Wagon. Used the system to perform a pre-purhase inspection and system baseline.

All works like a champ. Setup of the SD Connect was relatively easy; took a couple of days as you will have to email the required info to MB Star and wait for morning to get the info and then email them additional info. Folks were quite friendly and helpful during the process. The only thing I might do different is I would consider ordering with the SSD (Solid State Drive). I ordered the normal drive and installed in a Dell D630 laptop.

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