2016.9V MB Star XDOS Xentry DAS Win7 Win8 SSD HDD

The latest Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnosis software V2016.09V Xentry DAS for SD Connect C4 diagnostic system is available in mbstartool.com.

2016.09 MB SD Connect C4 software including:
1.DAS / Xentry 2016.09: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
2.W-I-S net 2016.07: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.
3.EPC.net 2016.07: Electronic Parts Catalog
4.ST Finder 2016:Part location finder
5. STARKey: manager the startkeys
6. SDMEDIA 2014
7. PL70

2016.9 MB Star software optional:

2016.09 Xentry/DAS Highlight:
– Supports Win7/Win8 32bit OS, and work much more faster, especially with SSD version!
– Covers for all current and new coming Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
*** NOTE ***
2016.9V HDD/SSD does not support HHT-WIN! And HHT-WIN is only available on software before 2015.12.So far Xentry doesn’t support Bus, to diagnose and program Bus please choose DAS.

2016.09V XDOS software display:





How to get the tested Star diagnostic system without issues?

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