MB SD Connect C4 "Please insert batteries"


One of the Mercedes MB SD Connect C4 user has the problem when using the star diagnostic system.
Error 1: Please insert batteries.


Error 2: Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed


Possible reason:
He has not got the MB SD C4 connected with Dell D630 laptop to build communication.


Check the SD Connect C4 icon on the bottom of the toolbar, power on the SD C4 and connect the diagnostic system with computer,the #21 device displays in "x" status,it indicates the C4 device is not well connected or well configured,how to tell:

1.Open laptop Local Network Connection->SD C4 WLAN,disconnect then connect to check if network connection has changed. If the network status did not change,change another laptop,do the same setting.

2.If network has no changes on any laptop,then change a new LAN cable.If still no changes,you have to send back your main unit for repair.

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