MB SD Connect C4 VMware Network Configuration Customer Solution

Here is the customer solution on Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact 4 Network configuration on Virtual Machine.
“Troubled with connecting the MB SD Connect C4 MUX with the VM for a couple of days, and after many tries, I managed to work SD Connect with Green LAN Cable through VMWare. ”
VMWare has it’s own way of doing things.
Here is the solution for LAN cable:
* Open Virtual Network Editor and setup. (Do not remove any of the networks, somehow VMWare manages to not bridge the connection successfully)
* From the Virtual Machine Settings, configure the network
* From the Host Computer, configure the TCP\IP settings
* From the Virtual Machine, configure the TCP\IP settings
* You should be successfully pinging from VM
* SDNetControll will see your MB SD C4 multiplexer successfully ”
Hope it would help you if you also have the same problem.

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