MB Star diagnostic help fix W211 battery warning error 9050 9051

This is my personal experience with my Mercedes Benz W211 -2005 battery warning error.
Got this annoying battery alarm coming middle of the running… Then i changed already voltage regulator, battery relay and both batteries. But it didn’t work at all.
And I read this in one forum:
“The battery control module sence’s the power drop of the battery, you have consumers stage 1 and 2, depends on the state of charge of the battery, there is a up-date for the BCM which lowers the threshold of these warnings!!!”
Then I look at both POWER screws on BSG unit, and then read faults from BSG when using MB SD Connect C4 star diagnostic DAS in offline mode.

The quick test shows no fault. But under development tools faults are
9050: Verbraucherabschaltung Stufe 2 aktiv (consumer shutdown level 2 active) and 9051: Verbraucherabschaltung Stufe 1 aktiv (consumer shutdown level 2 active). Instrument display shows sometimes convent functions not available and sometimes shows red brake and battery error and says go to workshop. 
I tried solutions offered in mhhauto forum. SOLVED!!

Steps as follows:
Start the car
Remove one cable from battery
Measure the voltage how much charge the alternator
Just renew main battery and additional battery with original ones, if alternatore charge ok , because the system will are ok

Note: check now many amperes eat electric extra heater buster if the car is equiped with!
it could be checked under Aircon manu!
—> My headache go out!

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