Enable tank info L/100KM into KM/L Mercedes W211 w203 w211

Here is how to do it,
All we need is Mercedes star diagnostic MB SD Connect C4 DAS developer mode

In Developer mode :

Kombiinstrument -> Diagnose nach Werkangabe -> Steuergerate-Anpassungen ->

Steuergerate-Anpassungen (Variantencoderierung) -> Variantkodierung Werkeinstellungen ->

In the menu that shows , you scroll down untill you read the line : Tankinfo im Reichweitebild

enable this option

now you have tankinfo in the screen that otherwise only showed range

If you allso wanna adjust the way fuel consumtion is showed

you scroll a little more down untill you read the line : Verbrauchanzeige km

you can change it from L/100km into km/l

Scroll down and confirm Coding by pressingF3

if you watch your Instrument Cluster , you notice that scrolling through the menu , nothing changed .

For this , the "Kombiinstrument" needs a reboot.

to do this in Developer mode we go back by hitting F1 -> 3 times

then choose Ansteuerungen -> Gesamstliste aller Ansteuerungen ->

Scroll down untill you see the line : Steuergeraet Resetten (PowerON-Modus) (FN_Reset_SG_Power_ON)

Press F3 and confirm again with F3

Now you will see the "Kombiinstrument" reboots
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