MB Price List PL70 display unknown mark solution

In my case, something goes wrong in Mercedes MB Star diagnosis Price List PL70 software:


as you can see in the image, EWA net does not recognize the symbol for Price "€" from the lists (4 languages) and put unknown symbols instead "€". If I put a comparative list from 1.2014, EWA net recognize the "€".

I edit these 5 lists and, apparently, first line with € it is the same between them

Am I "standalone"  with this issue?

P.D. It doesn't matter the language list you choose, always appears what you have selected in EPC parts catalogue.


Use a Tool like "notepad++" and open the price list with it.
Then go to the menubar > encoding > encode in ANSI.
After that, replace these wrong symbols with an "€" Symbol, and save it.
Now load the file again in ewa and it should work

(I have edited it with Notepad (not ++) and changed "€" by "€" but it is clear this is not sufficient; it is compulsory change it ANSI symbols "€" by "€"...)

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