EPC.net Internet Explorer cannot display solution

Here is the engineer solution to Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnosis EPC.net software “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” solution.

I have activated the 2016.05V EPC WIS software, but the Star diagnosis EPC.net online cannot run on IE explorer, it said “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
Engineer solution:
Go to Windows Start Menu>open EWA>run EWA Admin Tool
Open Server,EPC,WIS one-by-one to check which software is not run.
Enable these 3 options.
Then restart the computer.
Open Server,EPC,WIS
Run EPC.net software again.

If you had EWA Client Tools error “Application blocked by security settings” after activation, then do following settings:
Application blocked by security settings

Go to Control Panel->find JAVA control panel->select Security tab->manually set the security level to lowest level.
java control panel

Then EPC should run without problem.

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