DAS Missing Development data in SAM Smart 451 solution

Wanna activate DRL in SAM on a Smart 451 for the wife; however, it turns out my good old SD Connect C4 05.2012 Xentry/DAS machine is missing the “Development data button” in SAM
Development data button
I have “Diagnosis to plant specifications button” in KI on 451
Diagnosis to plant specifications button
It’s the same issue in SIM as on the car
I can access all development data in SAM on Smart 450, 452, 454.
But no SAM dev access in the bloody one i just bought…..

Started a topic in the forum… Wait but no one could help me, so i did some “development” my self..
Changed all “LIC_Erstellerdaten” entries to “LIC_Entwicklungsdaten” in the 4 menu files attached
If you want development data in SAM on Smart 451’s then change your current 4 files with the edited ones in my attachment.
Files are located in this folder F:\Programme\DAS\trees\smart\AC451\SAM_451\menues
You will now have “Diagnosis to plant specifications” in your main SAM menu.
Don’t forget to back up the old ones in case i have messed something up


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